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Our Mission


New Hope Christian School is an outreach arm of New Hope Community Church.  Therefore, our mission is to reach the world for Christ.  We have a passion for knowing God and making Him known to the children and parents He sends to us.  You can find more about the mission of the church here.  At NHCS, our mission is simple and straight-forward...

1. To share the good news of Jesus.

The best news mankind has every heard is that God became man and entered space and time to redeem us from our sins and reconcile us with His holiness.  It is our passion to share this good news with every student and parent in our preschool.

2. To provide a Christian education for your children.
 NHCS is dedicated to providing developmentally appropriate, Christian education to students from kindergarten through fifth grade.  Although we use age-appropriate curricula, we ground everything we teach in the Word of God, which is the source of all true wisdom.

3. To model and teach the love of Christ.

Jesus insisted that His followers love each other... 

John 15:12 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."

At NHCS we try our best to model His love and teach the importance of loving each other to your children.