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Our Vision


New Hope Christian School is an outreach arm of New Hope Community Church.  Therefore our vision is modeled on the church's vision, which can be found here.  Our vision is simply to impact our community (and the world) by teaching God's commands and modeling Christ's love...

1. To impact our community by teaching God's commands.

We believe God's commands are not just negative restrictions to our freedom, but the guidelines to living a happy and fulfilled life.  Therefore, we desire to impact our children and parents, (and through them the entire community) by teaching and modeling these guidelines and commandments.  There are a multitude of pitfalls waiting for your children as they grow up and we hope to instill in them a foundational walk with Christ that will guide them through the trials they will face.

2. To impact our community by modeling the love of Christ.

But Jesus did not just come to tell us the Words of God-- He came to model the love of God to a world starved for compassion.  He did not just establish His commandments, He showed us how to love each other and help each other in times of trouble.  At GLC, we are passionate about teaching your children the love of Christ.  This includes both the way Jesus loves them, and how they should love each other.  We believe there is no greater way to impact our community for good than teaching the compassion of our Lord.