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At Risk Kids

Nadie's place is one of four children's homes we currently help support in various locations in and around Pignon, Haiti. Here at New Hope Christian School, we are proud to sponsor several of the children who live in these homes.  Some of them are orphans, others are "at risk" children rescued from the post-earthquake tent cities in Port Au Prince, and some come from families that are simply too poor to support them.  

We help provide these children with a nice place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear (including school uniforms), tuition for a Christian education, and other essentials for a happy and healthy life.  But perhaps most importantly, we provide them with hope and a future in which they will have a fighting chance to rise out of the poverty they were either born or forced into.  We work with local churches which provide the spiritual oversight and loving family for these children, and we do our best to help with the resources.

"Nadie's Place" is the first home we helped sponsor.  But the need continues to grow and now we also support children's homes in "Jerusalem" (a tent-city outside Port Au Prince), La Coste, and ACassia.  If you would like to become involved with supporting one of our kids, ask or telephone the school office.