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NHCS Virtual Classrooms

Welcome to your NHCS Virtual Classroom! During the Coronavirus crisis, we are dedicated to do all we can to make the disruption of our school year as minimal as possible. Therefore, your teacher will be posting lessons on your virtual classroom with instructions on how to use them. Here is how to access your Virtual Classroom...

Click on either the picture of your teacher/class below, or on the link to the right of that image. This will will launch a new browser window and take you to our Youtube channel, and directly to your classroom playlist. Look for your lesson in the list of lessons posted there. The most recent lessons are posted nearer the top of the list.

All of the lessons follow a naming scheme: Grade_subject_lessonNumber. For example, the Kindergarten Phonics lesson #110 would look like this: Kindergarten_Phonics_lesson110.

You will see your teacher's email listed below their name, so don't hesitate to contact them if you have a question.

Fifth Grade Lessons
Mrs. Jeanelisse Rentas-Fortuno


Click here to go to the Fifth Grade Virtual Classroom

Fourth Grade Lessons
Mrs. Jennifer Best


Click here to go to the Fourth Grade Virtual Classroom

Third Grade Lessons
Mrs. Andrea Ortiz de Jesus


Click here to go to the Third Grade Virtual Classroom

Second Grade Lessons
Mrs. Tammy Holloway


Click here to go to the Second Grade Virtual Classroom

First Grade Lessons
Mrs. Taffey Sejour


Click here to go to the First Grade Virtual Classroom

Kindergarten Lessons
Mrs. Franchesca Preudhomme


Click here to go to the Kindergarten Virtual Classroom